Welcome to Brno

Brno, the capital of Moravia, has an unfair reputation among Czechs as a dull city where nothing much happens. This misconception was reinforced by the 2003 local hit film, "Boredom in Brno", and unfortunately, not many people have revisited their opinions since then. However, the reality is quite different. Tens of thousands of students who attend universities here ensure a lively café and club scene that easily rivals Prague's. The city also boasts excellent museums and microbreweries. There's plenty to enjoy in Brno, which is more than just a transit stop. Brno Lonely Planet

How to get to Brno?


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  • Brno Airport (BRN) serves flights to some destinations (e.g. London, Milan with RyanAir).
  • Vienna Airport (VIE) "Vienna Schwechat Flughafen" is the best option. Take a direct bus (around 2.5 hrs) or train from the Vienna airport to Brno city center (Buses from Vienna airport). Or you can take a train from Vienna city center to Brno (1.5 hrs). 
  • Prague Airport (PRG) is the alternative. Bratislava Airport (BTS) is RyanAir hub, so it might be useful when hunting cheap flight tickets within Europe.


  • You can search for tickets on Czech Rail or the RegioJet service. Direct trains to Brno are available from Hamburg (10 hours), Berlin (7.5 hours), Bratislava (1.5 hours), Budapest (4 hours), Prague (2.5 hours), Vienna (1.5 hours), and many more. Trains from Warsaw require only one change (Břeclav or Bohumín). The train station in Brno is called "Brno - hlavní nádraží".

Getting around Brno with public transport?

Getting around Brno with public transport is easy with trams, city buses, and trolleybuses. Buses operate 24 hours a day, and at night, there are special night buses available. To access transport schedules and GPS location of vehicles, you can try the DPMBinfo application (in English). Simply tap your credit card against the yellow reader every time you board a vehicle, even if you are only transferring. The basic fare is 25 Kč (about 1 Euro) for a 60-minutes ticket. If your journey is under 15 minutes, the system will charge you only CZK 20. You will never be changed more than the value of a 24-hour ticket for CZK 90 (less than 4 Euro).

The Faculty is located near Lipová stop, which is served by tram no.1, bus no. 52 and trolleybuses no. 25, 26, 37.

Where to stay in Brno?

These are suggested B&Bs located close to the Faculty:

  1. Penzion Integrity (Booking.com) (1400-2000 CZK per night)
  2. Penzion Zahrada (800-1200 CZK per night)
  3. Penzion Locanda (Booking.com) (1100-1400 CZK per night)
  4. Hotel Centrum Brno (900-1200 CZK per night, email: recepce@nconzo.cz)
  5. Orea Congres Hotel Brno **** (book through hotel's website with code: SMUNI)
  6. Orea Hotel Voro *** (book through hotel's website with code: SMUNI)

These are suggested hotels in the city center:

  1. Hotel Royal Ricc **** (Booking.com) (2200 CZK per night)
  2. Grandhotel Brno **** (book via email with code MASARYKOVA UNIVERZITA: reservation@grandhotelbrno.cz)
  3. Hotel Continental **** (book via email with code MASARYKOVA UNIVERZITA, email: info@continentalbrno.cz)
  4. Courtyard by Marriott **** (book via email with code MASARYKOVA UNIVERZITA, email: brno.reservations@courtyard.com)

What to do in Brno?

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