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Internal Lunch Seminars provide an informal forum for local researchers to present their work in progress and receive feedback and criticism from colleagues. Talks should last no longer than 20 minutes, leaving ample time for discussion. All interested parties are welcome to attend these events, and we encourage participants to bring their own lunch or sandwich. If you wish to present your work, please drop us an email.

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6 Mar


Meta-analyses in Economic Psychology: A sustainable approach to cross-cultural differences

Matteo M. Marini (Masaryk University) ESF Academic Club (HEPII) Personal website

This manuscript is a methodological work on the state of research using meta-analytic procedures in Economic Psychology, with a focus on the investigation of cross-cultural differences. We review published meta-analyses and introduce a new classification thereof by data source, describing how the different categories relate to the study of cross-cultural differences. We also discuss related opportunities and challenges, proposing a sustainable methodological approach that is then implemented in three case studies where we re-analyze data from published meta-analyses. In doing so, the relevance of culture as a determinant is explored by relating country-level cultural indicators to experimental measures of risk aversion, tax compliance, and prosocial behavior, respectively. It turns out that, after we control for country-level cultural heterogeneity and economic development, country-level individualism predicts these economic outcomes. We discuss possible interpretations of our findings.​
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